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Between Chinese car crashes, Canadian carmakers, European hackers and Japanese EVs, multinationalism is alive and well in today’s Daily Drive-Thru.

Before we go overseas, let’s go to Northern California, where Tesla is making setting up shop for, believe it or not, the first time in San Francisco.

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Terry Woo’s first novel emerged in 2000, right at the start of what has been termed the Pacific Century and getting shortlisted for the Asian-Canadian Writer’s Workshop Award in the process.

This piece on how the Crown is woven into every line of our constitutional order At the back there is a list of all the kings and queens “sovereign over Canada.” There are 18 of them, nine French and nine English, from Francis I, who ruled at the time of Jacques Cartier’s first landing in 1534, all the way to Elizabeth II.

Enter the titular Banana Boys-Luke, Dave, Sheldon, and Mike-who converge after the apparent suicide of their de facto leader, Rick.The person in this position functions under minimal supervision, must be self-motivated, and must exercise significant independent decision-making.Skillful management of multiple priorities simultaneously is critical and the ability to prioritize and work under tight deadline situations is essential.“Yellow on the outside and white on the inside”, they all struggle with questions of identity throughout the book, and remain vaguely messed up from their first meetings at the University of Waterloo right up to the funeral.Luke is a DJ in Toronto, seemingly drifting with the wind, while Dave is an abrasive software tester and an unapologetic chauvinist.The Campus Administrative Specialist is a University Staff appointment. Office Administration-Perform/provide campus office administrative and clerical office support functions. Provide directional support to campus administrators, faculty and staff for regionalized/consolidated support: 1.

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