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She subsequently appeared in Alan Moore's graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke where, in her civilian identity, she is shot by the Joker and left paraplegic.

Although she is reimagined as the computer expert and information broker Oracle by editor Kim Yale and writer John Ostrander the following year, her paralysis sparked debate about the portrayal of women in comics, particularly violence depicted toward female characters.

Problem would probably be that I don't really like the artstyle.

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Batgirl operates in Gotham City, allying herself with Batman and the original Robin, Dick Grayson, along with other masked vigilantes. e Harmony doesn’t have video profiles, but this woman is GOOD, and we love it.We drafted some e Harmony employees and shot a response, also below.Game by: Missangest An awesome maker where you can create an anthro catgirl character, with attitude!Add uniquely feline features, such as a tail, ears, stripes and claws.If there had been an obituary, it would have described the unremarkable life of an unremarkable woman, survived by no one. Days blended together, consistently ordinary, thanks to a job that was the practical version of my passion. I enjoyed the bitchy one-liners, seeing Halle in THAT suit, the cool visuals, the funky soundtrack, Alex Borstein as Halle's friend, the chemistry between Halle and Benjamin Bratt. it is a pretty standard Hollywood flic which is beautiful to watch,(The cinematography is superb) and certainly worth seeing and enjoying, if only to prove the intellectual snobs wrong.

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