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See here for the meaning and origin of 'a different kettle of fish'.

Being English, I have a close association with kettles; essential equipment for a custom in which the English can still claim world dominance, the making of 'a nice cup of tea'.

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The Nuclear Exploit Kit hosted on these sites takes advantage of browser vulnerabilities and unpatched Flash flaws to push malware onto the computers of surfers, net security firm Malwarebytes warns.Plenty Of Fish attracts over 3 million users daily among a user base of 90 million, which the site claims makes it the world’s largest online dating site.The Vancouver, Canada-based operation was sold to the Match Group last month.Tents or marquees are pitched near the flowery banks of the river...a fire is kindled, and live salmon thrown into boiling kettles." Incidentally, the two meanings of the verb 'poach', which are 'steal game' and 'cook by simmering in water', both derive from the French 'pocher', which means 'put in a bag'.“As mentioned, it’s just the ad network being used by the site, which is serving visitors the exploit and, by association, any malware.” You don’t even need to click on the adverts – in fact, users are automatically targeted by using an attack that detects if your computer can be infected (via outdated software), and launches directly that way,” he added.

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