Boston university dating scene


Students and non-students alike can turn school events into fantastic dates.

Check out symposiums, special lectures, student concerts, theatrical productions and sports games.

The rooms in both are pretty much the same size (small, but you get theat Freshmen Dorm Experience).

I lived in West my freshman year which I loved at the time. I currently live in Shelton hall, which is at the complete opposite side of campus - right near Kenmore square.

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Boston is “a big little town,” with each of its 21 officially recognized neighborhoods reflecting the culture of the community.

For a taste of Italy, stroll down Hanover Street and visit Mike’s Pastry for fresh cannoli.

Boasting the finest in culinary and cultural attractions, this unofficial “capital of New England” has a lot to offer those looking to meet someone special.And it's not just our matchmaking that's intelligent!Our 100% verified members are typically mature and well-educated, with over 80% holding a bachelor's degree or better. Not only did the university provide me with a world class liberal arts education, it also formed me as a person.Social justice and civic responsibility were two recurrent themes in many of my classes, and the student body was very active in volunteer work and pursuing their passions.Shelton is popular for mostly sophomores, but a good number of freshmen also live in Shelton.

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