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With the centenary, there’s no better time to get involved. A few essential facts first: Bollywood is also known as Hindi cinema (rather than the portmanteau of Hollywood and Bombay), and its just one aspect of the much larger Indian Cinema industry.

The language spoken is Hindi, although some newer films are in ‘Hinglish’, a mixture between Hindi and English.

It posed a threat to the aforementioned political leaders from Congress during the Emergency period in India.

All its prints were confiscated by the Government from Censor Board office and burnt somewhere in Gurgaon.

There is always a curiosity revolving around things the Censor Board stops us from watching.

Remember the time when your mother warned you against watching a certain film on television and how you switched it on again the very moment she went out to fetch something?

No words to appreciate Sholay How is Sholay not #1? The sholey is a milestone and it Has the most popular bandit villain 'Gabbar Singh'. Hrithik Roshan showed his best talent in all fields. Awesome acting by Hrithik, Ameesha and all the crow.

Wonderful direction by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra coupled with A. Rahman's beautiful music makes this a classic cult film for the youth. How can it be on number 15 it should be at number 1. Also it is family friendly and can be watched by all age groups... The most powerful part of film is its dialogues, direction, Cinematography and song "pyar kiya to darna kya". - Nadeem777 One of the only old movies I can watch. This is true of mysteries, horror films, and suspenseful dramas as well as romantic stories.The love scenes in Hindi movies range from turgid to highly erotic, but you will never see a completed kiss on the lips in a two or three hour Indian film.You may have grown up now but we're sure you haven't really changed in this regard.That's how it is with us men - tell us not to do something, and we take it as a challenge.© Film Yug Pvt Ltd This film was also said to be based on Indira Gandhi - right from the plot to the look that Suchitra Sen donned.

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