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Some of their best lines made it into his revisions.“I’ll See You in My Dreams” was shot last spring in Los Angeles in only 19 days.The film’s writer-director Brett Haley thought of Danner for the role after he saw her in another Sundance movie — 2012’s “Hello I Must Be Going.” “Frankly, I remember saying if this movie is going to work, you need someone with range, someone who is funny, someone who is dramatic and someone who is beautiful,” Haley says.“Blythe was my first choice from the beginning.” It took him two years to finance the project, which included a Kickstarter video where he interviewed senior citizens in retirement homes about their sex lives.When someone’s really, really low and on their own a lot, as a friend, your mind goes to the worst-case scenario . Even though Blythe Danner has appeared on countless TV shows (“Will & Grace”), films (“Meet the Fockers”) and Broadway plays (“Follies”), it took her 50 years as an actress to headline a movie.

These are questions we must all deal with at some time or another.

You should recognize most or all of these names if you watch movies and TV. Although this movie isn't strictly a comedy, Danner, Squibb, Perlman, and Place all get in their comedy licks like they've been doing it all their lives, which they have.

The two have a famously close relationship for ex-spouses, and Paltrow has said a few times now that Martin is “like a brother” to her, at this stage in her life.

They have starred in movies and plays, topped pop charts, and been featured in photo spreads in countless magazines.

However, one thing they all have in common is they summer in high feather in the Hamptons. Blythe Danner and daughter Gwyneth Paltrow have definitely made individual names for themselves as actors.

Like mother, like daughter is quite an old saying and so very true in the glamorous world of the Hamptons.

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