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Season 11 winner Olivia Ward, who has kept the weight off, had a different story, saying, "We didn't even have access to those things in our season." "They do give you all the tools that you need plus you have phone numbers galore, and it's your responsibility to reach out if you feel like you're sinking," Olivia said. Suzanne also claims that the show isn't totally honest about what you see on TV."It is a fake scale that you weigh-in on," Suzanne said. When the contestants step on the scale they don't even know their real weight and how much they dropped.He claims that as soon as the show was over, he regained “32 pounds in 5 days simply by drinking water.” This is incredible and points to the fact that when any person loses weight rapidly, (faster than 1-2 pounds a week) normally the weight loss is mostly due to water loss. Get Yours Here Although he had one of the most dramatic weight losses in the show’s history, he gained most of the weight back.He weighed 407 pounds before the show and returned to 368 pounds after the show.Extra style points go to that plunging halterneck style which are giving us opulent Seventies vibes.

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In one season, he was able to lose a staggering 122 pounds! An article in Time magazine checked in with some of the former “Biggest Loser” winners, including Benson who has gained back roughly 90 pounds after the show was over. It contains everything you need to know and do to be successful with tracking macros to lose weight while eating what you love.I love this episode because they always show us the photo from each week. It’s also cool to see all the contestants slip on the super shiny floor. Fifteen minutes into the show we found out that Amanda won the final spot. I would have been SHOCKED if America voted for Liz. We’ve discussed this before, I think that’s sweet and will be a constant reminder of a very important time of his life. They come out in groups of four so that’s how we’ll discuss them (It’s very possible that some of these numbers are wrong. Julio needs to do something different with his hair, both on his head and on his face. Stephen thinks he looks like TR Knight (George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy.) But seriously, he looks great and doesn’t look nasty skinny. My MIL may or may not have texted me, “DANNY IS A BABE! Oh y’all, we got a preview of next season and I’m thrilled!!! "I gained 130 pounds back," Suzanne told ET's Nancy O'Dell. There's so many unhealthy things they do on the show that are not sustainable in real life." Suzanne says she ate baby food and wore garbage bags to sweat more while working out in order to shed the pounds while on the show.

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