Before updating scaffolding from new db schema

If they aren't in sync, the Entity Framework throws an error.This makes it easier to track down issues at development time that you might otherwise only find (by obscure errors) at run time.Hi, I wanna write a little blog in ruby so I started with creating a mysql-db with blog_test, blog_development, blog_production.

--- then make sure that your database.yml: - uses spaces NOT tab characters - has the correct host spec - has the correct port/socket spec - has the correct schema_search_path if it is not 'public' Craig Are we talking about the remote server ip and postgres port? I've been able to connect to the db using ruby. I am still using a Postgres 7.2.2 which may not exactly have public pretty darn long tunnel I'm finding myself in, light is getting farther and farther!port/socket means the postgres standard port of 5432? thanks, Bing ---- if you don't have schemas, then you probably don't want a schema_path entry at all, remove the line if that is the case - I don't go back that far myself.I am looking at the postgres gem that I have installed 0.7.1 and it states that it supports older versions of postgres than yours so that should be ok Craig Hi craig, my has the schema_path commented out.That’s possible if the change is small or non-intrusive (as it is in most cases).For more complex changes you could create ad-hoc script which makes necessary alterations and data conversion.Build the application to make sure there are no errors.

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