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I mean, there’s no magic wand that is delivered in a gift-wrapped parcel at your door when matrimony seals the deal that Cupid proposed.You have to work hard at sustaining the same levels of contentment and happiness you derived from your relationship, during the initial phases.Clarence House said the Prince would “renew old friendships and form new ties” during the two-week trip.At the centre, the Duchess may if she chooses take advantage of customised dawn yoga sessions and "spiritually healing" ayurvedic massages.Maintaining a successful, healthy, and happy marriage is akin to maintaining a beautiful garden.

Here is how you can go about Planning the Perfect Night – Out with your Girlfriend. Go on a long drive one evening to lonavala / lohagad.She arrived there on Saturday, without the Prince, in a party of ten thought to include members of her family as well as a personal assistant and Scotland Yard bodyguards, according to the Daily Mail.Doing stand-up comedy in India isn’t the usual career path for computer science graduates.You took time off your patching pleasures and coding courtship to spend some time with your better half, before you took your marriage vows.So, how difficult is it to steal the same time after your girl has taken your surname as her own?But it’s keeping UCI alumnus Sanjay Manaktala ’05 busy these days.

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