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If one is found, please install the update; if for any reason there are no available updates or the updates do not solve your issue, please see to get assistance.

This doesn’t include snapshot updates, but it’s a handy time-saving feature that was probably overdue.

In addition, if you are using an "Intel HD Graphics" or "Intel HD Graphics 3000" chipset, see the instructions at the top of this page. Most Linux distributions provide a way to install drivers with its package manager.

It is highly recommended you use the distro's packages for drivers; not doing so can cause problems later! Most Apple computers come with built-in drivers and a graphics card that cannot be changed.

For more information, see Minecraft: Education Edition - volume license.

Now that the app is in your Microsoft Store for Education inventory, you can choose how to distribute Minecraft.

For more information see Office 365 Education plans and pricing.

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