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Aspergers Dating Site is an Online Dating Community for Singles with Asperger's Syndrome.

Our Goal is to Make Your Dating Interaction Comfortable, Pleasant and Nice!

Occasionally a viewer might feel like the film is making him appear more eccentric than he really is (the questioning about his masturbation practices was certainly intrusive and unnecessary), but for the most part Sokolow’s subject comes across as disarmingly relatable. By painting his romantic tribulations as akin to a cultural difference (Matthews’ own analogy) instead of a mental condition, the viewer is able to see him as a decent man adapting to strange customs rather than as some ineffably different “other.” Indeed, from its opening frame, the movie practically invites its audience to shout feedback and advice back at the screen.

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Since people communicate through both verbal and nonverbal methods, those of us with AS are frequently at a disadvantage when attempting to socialize in our personal and professional lives.

But there is one positive about autism when it comes to the idea of dating; it`s hard to explain, but for a lot of people with autism, once they realise there is simply no other choice (i.e.

they have to do something) they will often, somehow, find the ability to do it.

This article won’t teach you the secrets to being able to convince hundreds of people to go on dates with you, but hopefully it will help you to be more confident and assured in yourself.

If you are autistic, and struggle to start even the most basic conversation, getting a date could be extremely difficult.

And I do realize the author is female, but the topic is disappointing. Unfortunately, I haven't ever got to know anyone yet who can and will tolerate my weirdness and really understand where I'm coming from with every thing! I will tell you what I tell NT's who lecture Autistics on how they should define themselves.

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