An error occurred validating the cluster security descriptor


Topic for tracking major issues, patches and hot fixes for Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0B&R 7.0 update history at a glance:• Patch #4 (build [May 6, 2014] (KB1891)• Patch #3a (build [February 28, 2014] (superseded by Patch #4)• Patch #3 (build [February 12, 2014] (superseded by Patch #3a)• R2a Update (build [December 2, 2013] (superseded by Patch #3)• R2 Update (build [November 13, 2013] (superseded by R2a)• Patch #1 (build [September 27, 2013] (superseded by R2)In addition to adding basic support (as provided by other vendors), the intelligent load-balancing engine was enhanced to account for VSAN specifics.

As the result, for each VM the job will pick backup proxy running on VSAN cluster node with most of the virtual disks’ data available locally.

Added automated license key update option to the License Information dialog.

With auto-update enabled, the product will check Veeam licensing server periodically for an updated license key, and download and install the key automatically as soon as it becomes available.

Ever wonder about those error codes displayed in kernel level messages?

Device driver developers these codes when they make calls into Windows APIs as well as when driver developers return error codes to Windows.

The provided authorization grant (e.g., authorization code, resource owner credentials) or refresh token is invalid, expired, revoked, does not match the redirection URI used in the authorization request, or was issued to another client.

As a Proactive DBA, you must monitor All SQL Server errors having severity level between 17 to 25.

Any errors from level 20 to 25 are serious in nature however for 17 to 19 a DBA involvement is required for resolution.

Below is a comprehensive list of NTSTATUS codes defined in ntstatus.h: A virtual DOS machine (VDM) is loading, unloading, or moving an MS-DOS or Win16 program segment image.

An exception is raised so a debugger can load, unload or track symbols and breakpoints within these 16-bit segments.

Pressing the browser Back button at this point results in an attempt to load the last JSP file in the completed assistant.

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