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‘I love him for how crazy and wild he was – still is.’ What Maisie Knew also stars Steve Coogan – much to Skarsgård’s excitement. Since then he’s embraced a crazy diversity of genres from big silly action blockbuster (the much-panned Battleship) to highbrow Euro art house (Melancholia), with one omission: romcoms.‘I had a small part in Zoolander [as a male model] that was my first job after my stage work and I would love to do another comedy.’ Does he ever hate being handsome, I wonder? ‘It could be, I guess, because you could get pigeonholed and vanity can be a creative suicide.It's like any other European city, and I was a city kid. After those tough months in the marines, he explains, "I just needed a break, to be able to chill. So we went there and studied, but it was basically just hanging out and having fun.We lived in this basement with no heating, sleeping in sleeping bags, and shared a bathroom with a drug dealer, who was obsessed with the queen of Sweden for some reason...

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True Blood reportedly earned Skarsgård a cool 5,000 (£177,000) per episode, allowing him time and money to pursue random projects of his choosing, be it snogging Lady Gaga in her video for Paparazzi or low-budget independent projects such as his latest film, What Maisie Knew. I was definitely not cool.’ Skarsgård became an Alan Partridge acolyte while studying English at Leeds Metropolitan University.“Wow, I hope I’m invited,” he replied while laughing. “The smallest is under four years old; I’m surrounded by teens and children.“Wow, thank you.” But Cohen didn’t let Skarsgård, who’s been dating model and TV personality Alexa Chung for about a year now, off that easy. So, although I like the idea of having my own family, I’m in no hurry.It’s basically a reference to the unbelievably sexy way he raises his left eyebrow. He is best known for his roles as vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood, Meekus in Zoolander and Brad Colbert in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill.I was nervous when I first started True Blood (2008).

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