Accommodating differences variations in differentiated literacy instruction

education, the California Community Colleges (CCC), and adult education.

The Governor’s budget includes .3 billion in Proposition 98 funding increases, with the largest augmentation (.8 billion) for implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) for school districts and charter schools.

Educational technologists try to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate process and tools to enhance learning.Tomlinson and Imbeau (2010) describe differentiation as creating a balance between academic content and students' individual needs.They suggest that this balance is achieved by modifying four specific elements related to curriculum: The goal of differentiated instruction is to create learning opportunities that make allowances for differences in how individual students learn in order to ensure equal access to important academic content.We believe these estimates are a reasonable starting point for budget deliberations.Changes in state General Fund revenue, however, will affect estimates of the guarantee over the period. The block grant would be given to local education agencies (LEAs) and potentially other entities based on historical funding allocations and local need.Educational technology is the use of both physical hardware and educational theoretics.

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