Abbey lee kershaw freja beha erichsen dating how to work with validating couples


Givenchy, meanwhile, has championed the trend throughout the year, with collarbone-length chandelier earrings and decorative septum nose rings seen at its spring couture presentation, which also appeared in its recent advertising campaign.Of course, the Vogue feature also proves the piercing point in some style, with Swedish beauty Hedvig Palm shot by Patrick Demarchelier with thousands of pounds’ worth of diamonds shimmering in her nose and ears.While most of us mere mortals are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s actually December, Planet Fashion already has its mind rooted firmly in next year.So as January’s issue of Vogue touches down on news-stands today, it’s time to start thinking about the inevitable: what’s en Vogue for 2013?But now Cat's back walking and the fashion world has fallen in love with her all over again.It's 8am when we call her in her New York apartment, but she doesn't mind, she's already awake.It took a good couple of weeks to pin down the elusive Catherine Mc Neil.

Gayish girl models are super hot but also super annoying in the vein of all models.

Or as the Telegraph Fashion puts it – “rather left-field”.

Anyway we’re always thrilled at suggestions that she’s been getting off with another incredibly hot super-model. Last year it was blonde Australian Abbie Lee Kershaw who was rumoured to be dating Freja.

Today is her first day off in weeks and she's going to have a quiet one: "At the moment I'm re-organising my closet!

Then I'll go to the gym and walk my dogs, that's what my days off are like." She's softly-spoken with a sweet Australian accent, not entirely what you'd expect to hear after seeing her super fierce stride and tomboyish street style.

To make grown-up life and fashion feel a bit more punk, a bit more free.”But while the fashion statement of next season seems to demand a little more commitment than simply sticking on your two-tonne Mawi chandeliers, there are options available for those with a lower pain threshold.

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