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With her time at the Tinder office made up of both pre and post-Evening Standard face time with Rad and Tinder’s VP of communications, Rosette Pambakian, Bowles’ long-form profile gives a fascinating insight into Rad and his leadership style, and the nuances of the relationship between Tinder and IAC.

The very entertaining piece touches on subjects such as former CEO Chris Payne’s short tenure (including mention of an internal plot to oust him), the animosity shared between former and current Tinder executives, and Rad’s trouble staying out of the limelight.

The reason for this is often quite complex and made up of many different elements for different people but the common theme among young women that opt for this option is that they are looking for someone who has more maturity than someone of their own age.

At a young age most young women would argue that guys of the same age are basically too immature for them and added to this they really just don’t know what they want in life and this is not appealing One of the other crucial points is that as well as the maturity factor, most older guys are usually better set up in their life and have some good savings behind them as well as more security, such as their own property and maybe business etc.

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So why does this happen, since nowadays online dating is a phenomenon?

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Judging by the demographics for this blog there’s a higher than average chance that you, dear reader, are single.

And there’s a Valentine’s Day celebration coming, with love “infesting” everything around us.

The next aspect of why younger women are likely to go for the older man is that they will often say that they are more experienced lovers and so perform a lot better in the bedroom.

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