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Some examples of current SPAM trigger words and phrases include: Free, Mortgage, Credit Report, Penis, MLM, Money-Back, Cash, Anti-Aging, Amazing, Increase Sales, Order Now, 1-800, SEX, Enlarge.

If you need to use these words, or any of the other SPAM triggers, try sending a simple text-based e-mail telling the subscriber that the latest edition of their newsletter, or an important message, is waiting for them at (URL).


So, what can you do to increase your e-mail delivery rate?

We have 60 sexual health clinics throughout British Columbia, provide informative presentations for groups and individuals on a variety of sexual and reproductive health issues.

Our workshops offer comprehensive, nonjudgmental information in our accessible, signature style.

Here are some tips that can help: • Avoid graphic-heavy e-mail and NEVER send a message that’s all graphics and no actual text. SPAM filters are programmed to recognize certain key words that are usually associated with SPAM.

You may get by with using one or two if you only use the words once or twice; but if your “SPAM Score” goes about a certain threshold, your message is doomed.

At Opt we care about the healthy sexuality of all British Columbians.

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